Zeitenstrahl       (c)Helmut Preller


change of time 2011 - 2012       | german version >|


world still is burning
atombomb exploding in slow-motion

5000 years of reign
there in prison nobel-prize-winner
there are banned artists for truth
on the labels we can read
"made in china"

world still is burning
everywhere in raging flames
children are going to war
children are dying by hunger
children by abuse from adults

in the palaces
the moneyworshipper in fine suits
are showing their thumps
like in ancient rome - up - down
around the golden calf
deceited are dancing
journeying to promised lands

a different light
is coming - day by day - hourly
is coming for ever into this world
of darkest greed
of blazing envy

a different light
is calling - meek and full of trust
without any fear
- end the fighting
- take blessings from abundance
- preserve the good

a different light
is shining always
- blinds the rage
- conquers hate
- shows you your way

my little friend
with robin breast
gives testimony
to us
every morning

(c) Isaak Bandomir | Helmut Preller
Holidays & New Year 2011-2012
Hommage to the mighty in meekness

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